Youth Program

Taught in age appropriate classes, we teach valuable self-defense techniques from Nihon Goshin Aikido and Gracie Jiu-Jitsu in a fun and non-competitive environment. Self-defense, conflict resolution, anti-bullying techniques, stranger awareness and self-confidence are emphasized. Small and personalized classes help students integrate seamlessly into our new learning environment. Students learn to work well with other children, problem solve, listen and speak with respect. Focus and concentration skills are developed and improved upon. As children learn these important skills, it enhances other areas of their lives. Many of our students demonstrate improvement at school, and less social problems with friends, classmates and family members.


At Junior White Belt the new student will be taught basic dojo (school) rules, procedures, and etiquette. Instructors will explain how to arrive at the dojo, where to put their shoes, where to get changed for class, how to wait for class to begin, and how to conduct themselves once class is in session. Students will be taught blocks, falls and rolls, and simple but effective self-defense techniques. Junior White Belts will also be drilled on how to resolve, handle or stop conflict. Students begin to understand self-control, courtesy and discipline during this stage of training. In addition to the physical techniques, the student's behavior, attitude, listening skills, and focus will be a factor in testing and promotion to the next level.

At Junior Yellow Belt, training really begins. Students begin by learning simple wrist escapes, move on to punch defenses, and finish with learning simple attacker control techniques. Not only will they be expected to learn and perform these new techniques, they will also be required to remember all the "old" techniques from their previous set. Students will be drilled on new striking and blocking techniques, ground-defenses, and free style attack lines. Students learn what it is to be challenged. They also begin to grasp an understanding of teamwork and trust.

When a student moves to Junior Blue Belt, an emphasis is placed on the details of the martial arts. New throwing techniques, locking techniques, pins, footwork, and strikes will be taught. Students will continue to review, practice, and drill on all the "old" techniques along with the new. Their general self-defense abilities are now very good. Blocks, falls and rolls, counter striking, and basic defensive tactics are now done without thinking. Their muscle memory, and pure reaction is beginning to drive their movements. They are expected to be more mature, help new students, set an example, and develop leadership qualities.

At Junior Green Belt the student is now learning the adult curriculum of Aikido. The techniques are similar, but must be performed with much more, focus, detail and martial attitude. Students are now taught a basic move, and then numerous variations or applications to the move. The memory of techniques must now be found in the muscles as well as in the mind. Explanation and understanding of why the techniques work are now a part of the learning cycle. Behavior, attitude, listening skills, focus and maturity should now be automatic. Children who are younger will remain in the children's classes until they reach the appropriate age, skill and maturity level before being invited to attend adult classes.

Little Samurai: Ages 4 to 6

In this class, we teach your child the fundamentals self-defense and martial arts. They'll gain a positive attitude toward conflict resolution and explore fun martial arts activities. It emphasizes falls and rolls, balance, speed, timing, and footwork drills rather than punches and kicks. Children in this program also have an opportunity to learn life, safety and socialization skills as they interact and have fun with peers.

Youth Aikido: Ages 6 to 12

In this class students will be taught blocks, strikes and effective self-defense techniques. Students will be drilled on how to resolve, handle and stop conflict. Additionally, students begin to understand self-control, courtesy and discipline during this stage of training. In addition to the physical techniques, the student's behavior, attitude, listening skills, and focus will be a factor in testing and promotion to the next levels.

Gracie Jiu-Jitsu: Ages 6 to 12

In this class we will teach your child how to defend themselves when and if they are pushed or knocked down to the ground. This class is not for sport or competition. We focus on teaching students how to control, defend and escape from a ground-fighting situation.

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